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Air Pump For The Aquarium – Which One To Choose And How To Photo

July 11, 2019

Choosing an air pump for the aquarium

Air Pump For The Aquarium - Which One To Choose And How To Photo

An air pump, or a water pump, is an apparatus that provides aeration of water, enriching it with dissolved oxygen. For a home aquarium, this is a necessary device, since the glass pond is a closed space in which all fish and plants may lack oxygen. In the natural environment, water is saturated with oxygen during the movement of water. At night, the plants pass oxygen, and release CO2 (carbon dioxide). Not always enough plants in order to provide the fish with oxygen, for their full life you need a water pump.

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How does oxygen flow in a closed environment?

In the water pump there are tubes for oxygen supply – through them it enters the water. Air pressure is regulated by special valves and clamps. To effect aeration of the aquarium, several nozzles must be attached to the air tubes, which are usually made of an abrasive substance or a white grinding stone. Being at the bottom of the aquarium, the sprayers emit a lot of air bubbles, creating a beautiful decorative effect. These bubbles are very fond of guppies, danios, neons, scalar and mollies.

Air Pump For The Aquarium - Which One To Choose And How To Photo

The smaller the size of the bubbles, the greater their total area, which is favorable for intensive aeration of the reservoir. Aquarium pump you need to choose a powerful (from small bubbles – strong pressure). Air bubbles at the surface burst, resulting in the destruction of the bacterial film, and there is an improvement in aeration. In addition, the bubbles mix all layers of water, aligning its temperature in the aquarium.

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See how to install a water pump in an aquarium.

Varieties of aeration equipment

Air pump for aquarium are of two types: piston and diaphragm. If you want to choose a device for aeration that makes little noise, then a piston water pump will do. When you need several water pumps, you can choose two types at once – piston and diaphragm. The first can be included at night, the second – in the daytime. To avoid strong noise, you can put foam under the water pump. Otherwise, you will have to move the device to another room and take it to the aquarium using a strong air duct. However, this risk requires a very powerful reservoir.

Air Pump For The Aquarium - Which One To Choose And How To Photo

You can choose a membrane water pump if you want to save energy in the house. Such a device is allowed to be connected at once to several aquariums, it has a long service life, it does not need to be repaired often. The disadvantage of such a device is that it makes a lot of noise. Unfortunately, there are no silent water pumps – the principle of their work is based on vibration. A water pump that is under water will not be so noisy, but it will work around the clock. You can put the aquarium in a separate room, where no one sleeps – then you can connect a membrane aerator to it.

The aquarium pump will help to create coordination of air flows in tanks of different capacities, and will help to carry out water supply to the filter, also is the driving element of a filtration. The pump has 2 functions – it saturates water with oxygen and cleans it. If you have a large aquarium, it is advisable to purchase a pump that will help ensure the circulation of water in the pond, which is very useful for all its inhabitants. This device does not make a lot of noise, because it is placed in the water, not outside.

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Air Pump For The Aquarium - Which One To Choose And How To Photo

If you are not satisfied with the quality of branded air pump for the aquarium, you can do it yourself. However, such a device will work well only if you have the skills to create such mechanisms. Self-made water pumps can cause a short circuit in the water, which is very dangerous for life. Waterproofing in this case – a very necessary part of the aerator.

See how to make a water pump with your own hands.

Choosing an aerator for home pond

Today sold different models of aerators for domestic ponds. It is important that the water pump has sufficient power (0.5 liters per hour per 1 liter of water). The high power aerator is capable of working with a ceramic spray that delivers small bubbles, which is also useful for aquarium inhabitants.

Brands aquarium water pumps:

  1. The most famous manufacturers of aquarium equipment: compact Aquarium Systems NeWair, Resun, Tetratec, Hagen Marina, JBL, Ferplast, AquaEL, BiOrb, Hydor and others. German brand water pumps are in high demand.

Air Pump For The Aquarium - Which One To Choose And How To Photo

  • Ferplast is an Italian company specializing in the manufacture of aquarium mechanisms. Aerators of this manufacturer are not very noisy, and inexpensive.
  • German aerator Schego – has a strong capacity, pumps over water with a height of 200 cm. You can adjust the power, the efficiency of the device is high.
  • Air Pump For The Aquarium - Which One To Choose And How To Photo

  • Eheim is one of the most silent water pumps, with high quality sprayers and tubes attached to it.