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Air Pump For The Aquarium, What Is Needed, Can I Turn It Off, How Can I Make It Myself

July 24, 2019

All fish lovers know that in order for the water kingdom to please the owner, you need to properly care for him. One of the components of proper care is a water pump. Consider what his function and how to choose it correctly.

What is the need and how much should the air pump work in the aquarium?

Aquarium fish for the full life requires optimal living conditions. They need constant oxygen, but sometimes the water surface and the number of plants inside is not enough. In this case, you need to purchase an additional device that will help to saturate the water with oxygen – this function is carried out by a water pump.

Air Pump For The Aquarium, What Is Needed, Can I Turn It Off, How Can I Make It Myself

It is used for the following tasks:

  1. Providing aeration. The rising oxygen bubbles saturate the water with oxygen.
  2. Stirring the water. Even a slight turbulence levels the temperature of the water at all levels. In addition, fluid retention is not allowed.
  3. Lack of formation of a film on a water edge. Similar problems arise from bacteria and dust.
  4. Imitation of the flow. This allows you to create conditions close to natural.

Such an adaptation is important not only for large aquariums, but also for small ones, but the power should be different. The water pump should not work all the time; it is enough to turn it on for a while twice a day. If the ambient air temperature is high, then it is recommended to do it more often, since when water is heated, oxygen is consumed faster.

How does the air pump for the aquarium

Aquarium inlet pump is a device that is designed to enrich the water with oxygen.

Air Pump For The Aquarium, What Is Needed, Can I Turn It Off, How Can I Make It Myself

The principle of operation of this device is as follows:

  1. Through the tubes, which are located at one end above the water, and the other attached to the pump, located at the bottom of the aquarium, oxygen enters. The air pressure is regulated by means of valves and clamps.
  2. The upper part of the pump is a sprayer made of an abrasive substance, through which the aquarium is aerated by forming a large number of bubbles.
  3. The bubbles burst on the surface of the water and thus destroy the bacterial film, moreover, they mix layers of water during the movement.
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The main classification divides water pumps for aquariums into such groups: diaphragm, piston and pumps. They differ in the principle of work, the power of noise and price.


The principle of operation is the movement of the piston, through which the air is pushed out. Rotational movements of the piston shaft become oscillatory. Such changes help to achieve the desired air supply. This is an ideal air pump for an aquarium, which is located in the bedroom, because it produces a minimal amount of noise, but it is more expensive than a membrane one.

Air Pump For The Aquarium, What Is Needed, Can I Turn It Off, How Can I Make It Myself

The advantages are:

  • durability;
  • almost silent work;
  • high performance;
  • can be used for large aquariums.

The disadvantages of these devices are as follows:

  • high energy costs;
  • great value.


The principle of operation is the movement of air from the chamber connected to the membrane due to pressure drops, which is created due to the magnet oscillations.

Air Pump For The Aquarium, What Is Needed, Can I Turn It Off, How Can I Make It Myself

Pluses of this device:

  • low energy consumption;
  • easy repair;
  • cheapness.

The disadvantages of these devices are as follows:

  • low power;
  • loud noise during operation.

How to make an air pump for the aquarium do it yourself

Consider the detailed instructions for the manufacture of a four-chamber water pump for an aquarium.

Tools and materials

For the manufacture will need the following tools and materials:

  • plastic bottle with a large neck – 4 pcs ;
  • round air balloon – 4 pcs ;
  • gum – 4 pcs ;
  • 5-cc syringe – 4 pcs ;
  • plastic size 10×15 cm – 1 pc ;
  • plastic bottle cap – 1 pc ;
  • a piece of plastic measuring 5×5 cm – 1 pc ;
  • clips – 5 pcs ;
  • dropper – 1 pc ;
  • gearbox with engine – 1 pc ;
  • switch – 1 pc ;
  • battery – 1 pc;
  • wires – 2 pcs ;
  • soldering iron;
  • knife;
  • Super glue;
  • hot melt glue

Video: how to make a 4 chamber air mini water pump with your own hands

Instructions for making

  1. Cut off the cap of a plastic bottle with a neck. We remove the irregularities and plastic strip. Turn off the cap from the bottle piece.
  2. Cut a round part of the ball and divide it in half.
  3. We fix one part of the ball with rubber bands on the neck of the bottle. Well we stretch the ball and cut off the excess, which stands more than 2 mm from the gum.
  4. On the covers we mark two places in the form of a socket and with the help of a soldering iron we make holes. We clean the irregularities.
  5. Cut out the remnants of balls of 0.5 x 1 cm in size. We glue them to the lids on one side of the hole with glue. In this case, one strip is sticking outside the lid next to one hole (this will be an exhaust valve), and the other inside the lid is already near the other hole.
  6. At the syringe, cut off the edge where the needle is attached, and glue it onto the exhaust valve using hot melt glue.
  7. We connect caps and necks together – these will be mini-water pumping chambers.
  8. We glue mini-cameras on the base, two at each edge. On the center of the base we glue the bottle cap hole down.
  9. Cut two plastic circles with a diameter of 2 cm from plastic. On the one hand, we make a hole and push the straightened clip in half. The second part is fixed with glue to the circle.
  10. We take the gearbox with the engine and glue on the side ledges circles with clips. Apply a large amount of glue to fix the circles as much as possible.
  11. The gearbox is connected to the cover, which was fixed on the middle of the base.
  12. We cut a cotton swab into 4 parts. Align the clip and create an eyelet at one end. Insert a piece of cotton swab into the eyelet. Then we wrap a thread on it and soak it with super glue.
  13. Dress the eyelet on the gearbox, measure the distance to the free cover. Before removing excess, we bend the edge, sticking to a small piece of plastic. After everything is frozen, we connect with a mini-water pump.
  14. After attaching all the clips to the gearbox, bend the end on the drive for fastening.
  15. Solder the wires to the engine. Glue the battery, switch and solder the wires.
  16. From the part of the dropper we make a connection for 4 tubes, which we pre-cut. To do this, we make holes in the tank with the help of a soldering iron.
  17. We connect one edge of the tube with the edge of the syringe, and shove the other into the dropper. Fasten them with hot melt and glue the dropper to the base near the battery. Mini water pump ready.
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How to choose

Today the market offers a huge number of different air pump for the aquarium. To avoid mistakes, you need to know what to look for during the acquisition:

  1. Performance. This indicator shows the amount of air that the device surpasses for a certain time interval. Performance depends on the number of fish and their species. The optimal rate is 0.6 l / h per liter of water. To increase this figure, a biofilter must be present in the tank.
  2. Power. Determines the performance and the greatest amount of energy that is needed for the full operation of the device. This indicator indicates the maximum permitted immersion depth of the device. The most widespread devices with a capacity of 3-10 watts.
  3. The volume of the aquarium. The water pump should be selected based on the size of the tank where the fish will live. The smaller the aquarium, the more compact the water pump should be.
  4. Manufacturer. Customer testimonials point to the popularity of German high power brands, which are also regulated. Also popular are Italian fixtures, which are also not very noisy.
Air Pump For The Aquarium, What Is Needed, Can I Turn It Off, How Can I Make It Myself

How to install a water pump in the aquarium

Important is the correct installation of the device. The first thing to do is to decide where the water pump will be. It can be placed above the surface of the water or in a tank that is located outside the aquarium. Submersible water pumps should be installed in such a way that there are no problems with cleaning that should be done from time to time. In order not to create a lot of noise, foam rubber or foam is laid on the bottom. The tube is pressed against a shell or pebble.