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Air Pump For The Aquarium – An Essential Accessory For Keeping Fish

July 20, 2019

The right choice and high-quality installation of a water pump is a prerequisite for ensuring comfortable living conditions for ornamental fish and maintaining aquatic fauna and flora. The water pump must first be silent.

Now a large selection of such water pumps is offered and it is difficult for an incompetent person to understand them. Before the buyer there is a natural problem of choosing such a device.

And so we will try to understand this thoroughly. It should be for yourself to get answers to such questions:

1. What is a water pump for?
2. What are water pumps?
3. How to make a choice
4. What are the manufacturers
For example:
Aerator Chinese Triton
Aquarium equipment from Collar
5. How to install silent water pump
6. Proper use of water pump

And now, in more detail, for what a water pump is needed.

The purpose of this device is determined by the need to saturate the water in the aquarium with oxygen. Non-flowing water deteriorates over time and becomes unsuitable for aquarium fish and algae.
The reason for this state of water are the remains of vital activity of fish, feed, dust and debris.
The consequence of all this may be fish disease or even their death. Whatever happens, apply a water pump.
Its purpose is to supply air to the water, as a result of which it is enriched with oxygen, creating a stream of air and circulating water.
In another way, such a process is called aeration, from which they are called aerators, that is, an air pump.

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Types of water pumps and their characteristics

water pumps are, or rather are divided into two groups – diaphragm and piston.
Membrane pumps supply air through the movement of the membranes; they allow air flow in only one direction.
Its good performance lies in its very low power consumption, and they work with low noise.
Their only drawback – they are thin. For large aquariums, it is necessary to select another type of aerator. The power of the membrane water pump is suitable for a 150 liter aquarium.

Another type of aquarium vodushnyh pumps include – piston aerators.

Air Pump For The Aquarium - An Essential Accessory For Keeping Fish

The air in such aerators is pushed out with the help of a piston. The cost of such water pumps is higher than membrane pumps, but they are more productive and last longer.
The disadvantage is a little more noise and therefore they are often used in large aquariums or columns.

The next detail is their food.
Households, as a rule, regardless of the type, are powered from the household electrical network or from batteries.
They are completed with a flexible hose for the passage of air pumped.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Shego water pumps and their characteristics.

The German company Shego, produces water pumps of almost any capacity for home aquariums and columns.
For example, a small Shego Prima water pump with a capacity of 100 liters per hour with a power of 3 W is well suited for a 70 liter aquarium.

For a large-capacity water decorative column, it is necessary to use a Shego W53M aerator with a capacity of 350 liters per hour and a power of 5 watts. The air pumps to a depth of 5 meters.

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Chinese Trion Water Pump

It is used in an aquarium with a capacity of up to 170 liters, with a power of 2.9 W, it has two aeration channels, belongs to the silent models, which makes it one of the most common.

Equipment from Collar

These small size aerators, silent, are produced by the Ukrainian company Collar. The most silent water pump aPUMP in the world. Its power is 1.5 W, reliably saturates water with oxygen aquariums with a capacity of up to 100 liters, at a depth of 80 cm.

Based on the above examples, you can make a choice for yourself which water pump to give preference to. It all depends on the size of the aquarium, power consumption and the depth of air supply.
You can use the advice of experienced and knowledgeable aquarists when choosing a water pump. They proceed from such calculations – the power should be within 0.5 liters of air per hour per 1 liter of water in the aquarium.

Proper installation of a silent water pump.

This procedure is not difficult. Install an external aerator on a stick or on the glass lid of the aquarium so that the hose and its length can supply air and enrich the water from the bottom up.
More precisely, the end of the hose and well, if there is, and even at the end of the dispenser reached almost the bottom of the tank. The purpose of the spray is to reduce air bubbles for a better and more intensive enrichment of the aquatic environment with oxygen.

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Currently, some models of water pumps supply suckers, which makes them very convenient to use and can be securely attached to the glass wall of the aquarium. The presence of the outlet near the aquarium is required.

Use of aquarium water pump

After what time it is necessary to do aeration of water. There are several opinions on this procedure. There are silent water pumps that the owners do not turn off and they work continuously, with their low power consumption.
Nevertheless, most owners advise to use the device on schedule – 2 hours of work, 2 hours break.
After feeding the fish, be sure to turn on the water pump. Aeration of water, it is desirable to carry out at night, when the lighting is minimal.

Air Pump For The Aquarium - An Essential Accessory For Keeping Fish

And the last thing to ensure the comfort of the fish and yourself – choose a silent water pump, the choice is quite wide.