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Air Pump For Aquarium

July 11, 2019

Air Pump For Aquarium

Dual channel water pump

The water pump is one of the devices necessary for any aquarium economy. No modern home aquarium can do without aeration of water. And to supply air to the sprayer you need a water pump. Often, the filter in the aquarium works from him.

Fish living in an aquarium intensively consume oxygen. Even if live plants are grown in an aquarium, they are not able to provide a large number of aquarium inhabitants with this gas. And in the dark, the plants themselves begin to absorb it. The situation is aggravated in nursery aquariums, where a large number of young fish are grown. In the absence of living plants, there is practically no source of oxygen replenishment in water.

This problem is solved by pumping air through the nebulizer, which gives small bubbles. This process is called aeration. Rising up, they saturate the water with oxygen. The smaller the size of the bubbles, the greater their total surface and the better they enrich the water. True, the smaller the bubbles and the greater the height of the water column in the aquarium, the more powerful the water pump should be.

Air Pump For Aquarium

Four channel water pump

At the same time, the problem of mixing layers of water in an aquarium is solved, which ensures a uniform temperature. In the same way you can create a current in an artificial reservoir, if the fish living in it are used to it in nature. At the same time, the stream of bubbles destroys the bacterial film on the surface of the water, facilitating the flow of oxygen through it.

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When used in an aquarium biofilter, the problem is even more acute. Nitrifying bacteria that “work” in the filter require a large amount of oxygen for their vital functions. If the amount of oxygen in the water decreases, they will die, and the filter will stop working. For a home aquarium, the minimum required amount of oxygen in water at 5 mg / l should be considered.

One of the essential requirements for a water pump for a home aquarium is noiseless. Often the aquarium is located in the room where people live and sometimes sleep. A water pump should work constantly. It is at night when the plants in the dark do not emit oxygen, his work is especially necessary. And the constant hum will interfere.

Air Pump For Aquarium

Powerful water pump for
aquarium farming

If the water pump is loud, you can try to put it on a foam pad. Sometimes such a simple tool can significantly reduce the noise level. If not, you will have to take it to the pantry or on the mezzanine. However, in this case, you will need to pull a long duct. One of the salient features of this device that you should pay attention to is the possibility of smooth adjustment of the air flow. This makes it possible to easily adjust it to the desired number of nozzles and filters.

Choosing the power of a water pump for an aquarium, you can approximately focus on the figure of 0.5 l / h per 1 liter of water in the aquarium. It is better to choose this parameter with a margin, often afterwards a second or even a third aquarium appears in the farm and the power is no longer enough.

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From the water pump to the aquarium, air is supplied through flexible hoses. The hoses must be sufficiently rigid so that at the bends they do not obstruct the passage of air. If you need to connect multiple devices, such as sprayer and filter, then use special tees. The pressure of each device is regulated separately with the help of clips installed on the hose or special valves.

Air Pump For Aquarium

Small water pump

All connections should be made as tight and tight as possible. Accidental disconnection of the air duct may cause water to drain from the aquarium to the floor. Therefore, it is recommended to locate the water pump above the water level in the aquarium, and all the hoses too. In modern vodushnogo pumps there is a safety valve, eliminating the reverse suction of air when turned off. But when the hose is disconnected, it will not save.

For aeration of water in the aquarium suitable sprayers of various materials. Often use abrasive stones of dark or white color. Sometimes large sandstone looks impressive, lying on the bottom and releasing a large number of small air bubbles.

The simplest sprayer for an aquarium can be made independently from improvised means. Even just shutting the tube with a broken match you can get a stream of small air bubbles. It is better to plug the tube with a porous tree, for example, an elderberry, cut obliquely. True, such devices are unreliable and do not work for long. To aerate the water, the smaller the bubbles the sprayer gives, the better. They have a larger total area and the water is better enriched with oxygen. True, the smaller the bubbles, the greater the pressure the water pump must develop.

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Air Pump For Aquarium

Hoses for water pump

It is better to have sprayers and tubes from them in the aquarium secretly for aesthetic consideration. For reservoirs over one hundred liters it is better to put several sprayers, otherwise it is difficult to ensure uniform mixing of water. Often strive to have air bubbles pass near the heater. This ensures uniform temperature distribution in the aquarium.