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Air Pump For Aquarium Review Of Models And Prices

August 14, 2019

For aquariums, they use both decorative accessories and auxiliary equipment. An important device in such a case is an air pump for the aquarium, forcing fresh air. The maintenance of most species of freshwater and marine fish is impossible without it.

Air Pump For Aquarium Review Of Models And Prices

The need for equipment

We will understand what the device is used for, aerating the habitat of underwater inhabitants. The main task of such a pump is to enrich the liquid with oxygen. In the domestic pond, this is a mandatory procedure, since the space is enclosed and devoid of many natural processes.

In nature, an air pump for the aquarium replaces the natural flow between reservoirs. Also saturation o2 performed in a natural environment from a variety of plants. However, at night, the reverse process of photosynthesis occurs and the flora begins to absorb gas, releasing carbon dioxide instead.

Air Pump For Aquarium Review Of Models And Prices

In addition to these processes, events occur that are characteristic only for home glass habitats. Understanding why you need an air pump in an aquarium will succeed after some observation of the surface of the water surface. It is filled with grains of food, small debris, is drawn in with a thin film, which ultimately negatively affects the general condition of the water. Negative factors appear:

  • there is an unpleasant marsh smell;
  • fluid transparency is lost;
  • start to disappear plants and fish.

In an aquarium aerator operating on a 220V household network or batteries, the task is also to mix flows due to the formation of air bubbles. This creates a comfortable living environment with optimal physico-chemical and temperature indicators.

The principle of operation of the apparatus

The injection unit contributes to the formation of air pressure in the tubes due to the working diaphragm or piston assembly. Due to the adjusting clamps or valves, the user can independently adjust the intensity of the incoming jet.

The output end of the tube is equipped with a special nozzle. It is often made of abrasive stone. Through the small ducts penetrate portions of air in the form of small bubbles. Water pumps for an aquarium of 150 liters or close to this volume should mix fluid layers more intensively. This contributes to the retention of the output end of the tubes at the bottom due to the mass of the sprayer.

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Choice of regulated or unregulated water pump

It is not always possible to choose the best air blower by parameters the first time for the required volume. Therefore, before you install a water pump in an aquarium, it is necessary to determine its functionality.

Adjustable models are equipped from the outside with a special tuning washer. When it rotates, the flow rate of the air flow changes. This functionality allows you to choose an acceptable force to supply air so as not to form disharmony inside.

Air Pump For Aquarium Review Of Models And Prices

It is recommended to choose an adjustable model to adjust the flow rate – too small will not give the desired effect, and a big one will cause discomfort to the fish

Manufacturers provide a customization process for a regulated model in several ways:

  • the electronic version implies limiting the course of the membrane, but there is a lack of overheating of the electrical device;
  • the mechanical method of oscillation is limited by paws or magnets are moved away inside the coils;
  • in the case of a battery-powered vodushnogo pump or a mains model, the outlet tube is blocked, which is the most common option due to the installed valve in the interval from the supply pipe to the sprayer.

The unregulated aquarium water pump is much simpler in design. There are no additional elements that can influence the intensity of the purge. Performance is stable throughout the entire operation. This can be inconvenient, since the noise also does not decrease.

In some cases, the owners are self-assembled air tap for adjustment. This allows you to get the desired result quickly and with minimal investment, as it will be expensive to make an aquarium inlet pump. The budget option will turn out at assembly from a computer cooler.

Working hours

You need to know how much the air aerator should work without problems and failures. With a small filling of space with fish and plants, there is no need for long-term work of such a device. 1-2 hours of continuous saturation is enough per day. There is no need for permanently switched on oxygen equipment.

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It is important to observe the behavior of the residents behind the glass. The lack of air is manifested in the fact that the flocks approach the surface and do not tend to swim throughout the volume. When this happens, you need to turn on your quiet air pump for the aquarium. It is often launched overnight, as with abundant vegetation, this is a vital factor due to the release of carbon dioxide in the dark.

Types of apparatus for the method of injection

Piston model

Equipped with a module in which there is a piston unit with a cylinder, due to which portions of air are pushed out. The rotation of the motor provides a reciprocating motion of the piston. The advantage is reduced noise and excellent efficiency, and the disadvantages are the high price and higher power consumption.

The quietest piston unit is used for large aquariums. It also has greater durability.

Membrane Water Pumps

Purchased more often because of its low prices. The main working body is a plastic membrane that provides pressure drop and suction / ejection of portions of air. Installation if necessary is easily repaired and long enough serves. Its disadvantages are a higher noise level and lower power in comparison with piston silent or low-noise installations.

Power supply can be carried out both from a household network of 220 V, and from batteries. The second type is relevant for regions where there are interruptions in electricity. Autonomous power supply is usually enough for 4-5 hours, while the device will be noisy and low-power.

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Installation method

The air pump for aquarium with batteries or from the network must be installed so that, if necessary, it can be quickly and safely dismantled. Also the sprayer and check valve for the duct should not interfere with cleaning the bottom and glass walls.

Minimize the impact of noise can be at the expense of simple devices. To do this, put the aerator on foam rubber or a small tile of foam. If the end of the tube floats, you can crush it with a shell or a pebble.

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Rating of the best models of the air pump for the aquarium

To select the desired power, calculate the value of the fact that a liter of the aquarium requires 0.5-0.8 l / h from the aerator. Accordingly, the stolitrovaya capacity needs a device with a capacity of 50-80 l / h.

Aquael Oxyboost 300 Plus

Polish model of high performance and low power consumption. It will cost about 800 rubles. It has two channels and produces 300 l / h. Its power is 2.5 watts adjustable.

Air Pump For Aquarium Review Of Models And Prices

Aquael Oxyboost 300 Plus

The OXYBOOST plus line includes 4 models:

  • 100 plus – single channel,
  • 150 plus – single channel,
  • 200 plus – two-channel,
  • 300 plus – two channel.

Numbers mean maximum performance. Two-channel have 2 independent air channels, and the capacity control allows you to change the power flow.

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Barbus SB-348 A

The cost of the device with an aerator and flute up to 500 rubles. Power is 5 W, the two-channel system is provided. Productivity is 2х240 l / h. It is more noisy compared to the previous model.

The regulator is built in a design, allowing to change intensity of a stream of air. For stability, the legs are made of soft silicone that does not scratch the surface. The performance of the device is 4 liters per minute. Designed for a minimum capacity of 5 liters and a maximum – 200.

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Schego Optimal

Price – up to 2000 rubles. Produces air in the amount of 250 l / h at a consumption of 5 watts. This is the most silent air pump for the aquarium. It is possible to change the filter of the water pump for the aquarium.

Air Pump For Aquarium Review Of Models And Prices

Among the advantages is a powerful membrane that creates an air column pressure of 2 meters. Being absolutely silent, this water pump is capable of servicing aquariums of more than half a ton of water. The same model is also used to create an air network branched into several aquariums. A tight filter is also provided, eliminating clogging of the sprayer.