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Air Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

September 2, 2019

Why do you need an air pump in an aquarium?

Before you start making a water pump device for an aquarium, you need to be well aware of why your fish need it. Its main function is to oxygenate water. In addition, the bubbles rise to the upper layers and seem to form some kind of elevator, causing the surrounding fluid layers to move upwards. Water is thus additionally stirred, and its temperature becomes more uniform. Bursting on the surface, the bubbles break off the film of bacteria and dust, thereby slightly improving overall aeration. Even from the decorative point of view, an aquarium with a running water pump looks better than without it. The bubble chain represents an entertaining and pacifying spectacle that always attracts the viewer.

How to make an air pump for an aquarium?

How to build a homemade air pump for the aquarium?

  1. For work, we need a conventional car or bicycle pump.
  2. A tube from a medical dropper.
  3. Tee or three-way valve.
  4. Self-made clamp or device for clamping the dropper, you need to adjust the air pressure.
  5. As an accumulator of oxygen, we will have:
    • bike or car camera;
    • football, basketball or other ball.
    • We assemble the construction as shown in the figure. The outlet is sealed, and the surface of the hose at the end is often pierced with a needle. We pump up our “accumulator”, shut off the hose from the pump and adjust the air pressure.
    Air Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

    This air pump for the aquarium, assembled with your own hands, will need to be pumped up about twice a day. It should be noted that the ball chamber enclosed in a leather shell will withstand greater air pressure, and therefore this device will work longer without paging. Of course, it is inconvenient to use this device for years, and it will not be possible to leave it for several days without supervision, but as a temporary device this self-made water pump is quite suitable.

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