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Air Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

August 1, 2019

Many have an aquarium with fish, it’s so nice to admire them. But after all, the fish also need care, as well as other living creatures.

Air Pump For Aquarium Do It Yourself

For their comfortable living, it is necessary to provide all the conditions that will most closely resemble their natural habitat. There are many attributes for this, one of them is a water pump or an aerator.

air pump for aquarium

First thing for aquarium. It allows water to be saturated with the necessary amount of oxygen. A water pump, producing small bubbles that rise up, allows the water in the aquarium to be enriched with oxygen.

It should be remembered that if the aquarium has a large volume, then one water pump will be small, because it is necessary to provide all of the water completely with oxygen, and not partially. In addition, preference should be given to silent water pumps so as not to cause unnecessary irritation. Economical owners of fish can easily make an air pump for an aquarium with their own hands.

Making a water pump at home

To make an airbrush at home, you must have:

  • Eccentric
  • Small electric motor
  • Pump

There are several methods for making a homemade water pump for an aquarium.

Take an electric motor, It is recommended to take with a power of up to twelve W (in the case of a long power outage, such an engine can be connected to a car battery), and we connect it to the power supply. The eccentric is attached to the surface of this engine, setting a small pump in motion. This method allows you to make a silent air pump for the aquarium.

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If the noise is not the principal point, then you can apply another method of manufacturing a water pump. In addition to the past elements, an electric magnet will be needed. A small magnetic starter that will work with a frequency of 50 Hz from 220 W of tension, may well play the role of an electromagnet. You need to attach a small pump to the magnetic starter and the membrane of this pump will move with the same frequency of 50 Hz from side to side. Thus, the movement of the pump allows you to pump air, thereby enriching the aquarium water with oxygen.

For the most part, aquariums are always located in rooms where people spend most of their time. And therefore it should be remembered that the quality of the aerator for the aquarium should not be neglected, since its work is round-the-clock and the load on it is not small. If you made a water pump that makes excessive noise, such as with an electromagnet, then you should consider placing it in a closed space (for example, in a long duct). Also, an aerator for an aquarium can be placed in a box from an old film or a wooden box, which will help reduce the sound level and reduce the force of the shock wave.

Beginners should be aware that an aerator that was made with their own hands should create a moderate supply of oxygen to the aquarium water. And for this you should calculate in advance the power of the engine used. And as mentioned earlier, you should use a water pump with power, not exceeding 12 W.

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But the owners of the round-shaped aquarium need to know that very powerful equipment in such an aquarium has a very negative effect on the vital activity of the fish. All this is due to the fact that the circulation of water will be very fast.

It is also necessary to remember the fact that when placing a large number of plants in the “house” for fish, it is not at all necessary to turn on the water pump during the daytime. In the daytime, the oxygen supply will be carried out by the plants, but at night they themselves will absorb it on a par with the fish and therefore the presence of a water pump will be a necessary attribute. It will be necessary to install on the tube that goes towards the sprayer,check valve, so that when the device is disconnected due to reverse thrust, the water is not poured into the aerator.

How to install a water pump in the aquarium

After you have made an aerator with your own hands, you need to go to the installation stage. Installing it is actually not a difficult task, and is easily performed even by a non-professional in this matter. Of course, the initial stage will be the determination of the location of the water pump. It can be placed near the aquarium, while placing it in any box, for example, and inside the aquarium, but without touching the water.

Hoses and sprayers recommended to be fixed on the bottom items that will not let them float. Since in this case, the saturation of water with oxygen will be much worse. There are two types of material that are recommended for use with hoses connected to a water pump:

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If any part of the hose hardens, it must be replaced with a new one. For a better habitat of fish in the aquarium should use special hoses for aquarium.

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