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Air Pump For Aquarium – Aeration Equipment

August 13, 2019

If you decide to purchase an aquarium and breed fish, you simply need an air pump for the aquarium. A water pump, or air pump, is a device designed to aerate (enrich oxygen) water. This is its main purpose. The fact is that in a limited, closed by a lid, space of a home pond, the fish may lack oxygen, even in the presence of aquatic plants that produce it during daylight hours. At night, plants absorb oxygen from water and release carbon dioxide into it. This is how photosynthesis works. That is why at night the fish are particularly in dire need of oxygen. Solve the problem of lack of air and called aquarium inlet air pump.

Aeration of water in the aquarium

Air Pump For Aquarium - Aeration Equipment

Air from the air pump enters through flexible air tubes. The air pressure in them is regulated by means of clamps or valves. In order to carry out the aeration of your underwater world, nebulizers are attached to the air ducts running from the device (there may be several of them, depending on the capacity of your water body). Most often they are made of an abrasive material or a white grinding stone. Lying at the bottom, they release whole cascades of the smallest air bubbles and look very impressive, creating a beautiful background and an additional element of the composition to the cheerful flocks of guppies, neons, mollies and nimble danios.

The smaller the bubbles – the larger their total area, and the more intense the process of aeration of water. But for this, the pump for the aquarium should have sufficient power (the smaller the bubbles, the stronger the pressure). Air bubbles, bursting at the surface, cause the destruction of the film of bacteria and dust, which also improves the aeration. And then, this is a very beautiful and pacifying sight, emphasizing the beauty of the design of your underwater world.

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In addition, rising up, the flow of bubbles contributes to the mixing of water layers in the reservoir and leveling the temperature in it. That is why sprays are recommended to be placed near the heater: the heated water layers are mixed more quickly with colder layers.

Ceramic sprayers are recognized as the most effective, but they are more expensive and are suitable only for equipment capable of developing a pressure of at least 1000-1500mm water column.

Air Pump For Aquarium - Aeration Equipment

water pump Eheim 100

There is one more type of sprayers: long tubular synthetic sprayers. Their length can vary from 20 to 60 cm, which makes it possible to pick them up to any body of water. The advantage of this type is that they create a long wall of bubbles. This contributes to increased water circulation in the tank.

In addition to the spray guns, the water pump is capable of operating the filters. Almost any internal filter for an aquarium has a built-in nebulizer to which an air tube is attached. On it outside air enters. Adding to the water flow, it provides full aeration.

Types of water pumps

The water pump is one of the most important parts of aquarium equipment. Devices are diaphragm and piston.

Membrane consumes less electricity, can be connected to several reservoirs at once, works for many years without requiring repair. But he has a significant drawback – when working, he makes a lot of noise. Although a silent air pump for an aquarium is a myth, because its principle of operation is based on vibration, and vibration without noise is impossible. The level of noise emitted by the equipment during operation is an essential characteristic, because the reservoir is often located in a room where people can sleep; the device works almost constantly.

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Piston almost does not make noise, but it is much more expensive. If you are not limited in means, you can purchase both types of devices: a louder, membrane, will work during the day, and a piston – at night. There are several other ways to solve the noise problem. If the aerator is very loud, you can put it on the lining of foam rubber. If it did not help, you can take the equipment to another room or put it on the entresol. In this case, you need a long duct and the equipment itself must have sufficient power.

The pump for the aquarium, depending on the purpose, creates directed air or water flows in tanks of various capacities, provides water to the filters and is the main engine of the entire filtration process. In fact, it combines the functions of a water pump and filter. Therefore, for large tanks, you can buy a pump and thereby save money. After all, the pump for aquariums ensures the purity of the water, and its powerful circulation. In addition, they do not work as noisy as external equipment – because the rotating element, as a rule, is immersed in water.

How to choose an aquarium inlet pump

It is better to choose equipment with a reserve of power (based on the rate of 0.5 l / h, per 1 liter of water in the tank). The power of the equipment is also important if the device is located in the tank under the aquarium or on the mezzanine, because the length of the hose is added to the length of the sprayer. In addition, a powerful water pump can work with diffusers made of dense material (eg, ceramic), giving very small bubbles and providing a higher level of aeration.

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Popular models

There are many distinguished manufacturers of equipment for your reservoir – Tunze, Deltec, Aqua Medic, Hailea, Hydor, Tetra, Reed Octopus. Among Russian users, German manufacturers of aquarium equipment enjoy high popularity, such as:

  • MEBNER. Two-channel, almost silent device. Two silicone hoses included. Equipped with power regulator.
  • SCHEGO. A powerful water pump with the ability to pump a 2 meter high water column. It has a smooth power control function. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life.
  • EHEIM. At the moment – one of the most silent options. Included are sprayers of very high quality and brand hose.
  • Ferplast – made in Italy. For a number of characteristics is not inferior to the equipment from EHEIM, but it is much cheaper.